-is a storyteller who tells her stories with her heartfelt vocals and lived lyrics. The music wraps around her voice and creates a landscape who communicates the message with her. Miriam lives in the dark Norwegian woods, and she’s on a mission to write some light and hope to brighten the crooked paths in life. 

Miriam strives to capture some of the essence of what can move in our human hearts, and make it into songs people can relate to and find comfort in. 


2021 is the year Miriam Vaga will start releasing singles from her upcomming album. Those who are familiar with her previous work will notice a development in a more organic direction, closer and warmer. There’s still electronic elements but  the music will now tend more towards Indie Pop than Electronica. If you want to follow her on her journey, click on the tags below and become a part of her sosial media family. 


Fearless Little Girl (Album)

Cocoon (EP)

Superglue (Single)

Fearless Little Girl (Single)

Silence (Single)

In Your Pace (single)

Fighting Shadows (single)

So Much Sun (Single)

Mother Of Sons (Single)

I'll Be David (Single)

I'm Enough (Single)

It's Ok (Single)


Miriam Vaga is an experienced live and studio singer.  Philter, Guy J, Matt Darey, Lewi Bergrud and dPen are some of the artists she's been a featuring artist and writer for.

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New single


Life is filled with challenge after challenge,

when we feel on top of one mountain

another one appears.

This might be an exhausting thought,

but in this song Miriam has desided it's ok to always be on our way,

even clames there's beauty in it.

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